Walk Tall

Walk Tall was the title of our January additional meeting and the theme was “Accepting and Loving Yourself: making small life changes to improve health, that in turn improves self esteem, and appearance”.

It is not only possible but natural for each of us to find ourselves beautiful – no matter how different, disabled, old, or battle-scarred we may be.  —Harriet Goldhor Lerner

From the BYU’s “Recapturing Beauty” programme we learned about the 10-Day Body Image Challenge”.  If you missed the meeting, but want to know more about this inspired challenge, you can download the PDF here.

We had a full programme, that included an entertaining message from Cathy D on the benefits of good posture, and a fun-filled look at the numerous roles of the once-humble scarf, ably presented by Christine.

After a blindfold ‘identify the food’ by Nancy and her brave volunteer Pamela, the Tasting Table was open to all sisters to sample to their heart’s content.

Savour my Flavour

Three of our young women, Rachel, Hanna and Sara-Rose manned the Manhattan Nail Studio for those who wanted some lusciously painted nails, and the Skin Table had a few samples of inexpensive, but great, moisturising creams.  Thank you girls for coming along to our meeting!

Nail Studio Notice

Pat manned the kitchen, and provided us all with mugs of steaming hot chocolate, topped with marshmallow and cream…yes…it was a bit at odds with the very healthy foods on the Tasting Table…but it was a cold, wet January night and a lovely warming treat before we had to shiver our way home.  🙂

Hot chocolate and biscuits

A big thanks to all who turned out for the meeting and also to everyone on the committee who worked so hard to create an enjoyable evening!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on Thursday, February 6th!


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