Our new RS blog

Welcome sisters, to our new Irvine Ward Relief Society blog. We hope you find it helpful. It will keep us more informed and aware of what is going on in Relief Society, and every sister can feel part of Relief Society and loved by your leaders.

Our theme in Relief Society is Unity and this is but another way to keep us all working together and feeling as one. The scriptures tell us “If ye are united ye are one”.

I know as sisters we love each other, as I have witnessed this love, in the many acts of kindness, service and charity. I thank you sisters for all you do and the example you are all to me.

Before I say goodbye I would just like to thank the sister who has spent time and effort setting this blog up. I send my love and thanks.

Sister Julie Ferguson


3 thoughts on “Our new RS blog”

  1. This is a lovely idea. Hope I can work out how to follow it! Technology is not my strong point! Thanks to all involved xx

    1. It’s a simple process to Follow, Mairi. Just click on the Follow Button on the right-hand sidebar, just above the image of the RS General Presidency and follow the instructions. 🙂

  2. congratulations to all involved. I am looking forward to using this blog as the weeks go by best wishes Frances

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