We’re having a reach out night!

Reach-out Night

Sisters, You are invited to come along and join us on
Thursday 20th March 2014
at the Irvine Ward Building
after our visits we will meet back at the building for some homemade soup.

President Monson teaches that we can be happy when we reach out to others.

click image to go to President Monson’s talk.

We will assign who you will be visiting on the night. We will take with us a spiritual thought and an invitation to the Stake Relief Society Social. Which will be held on Friday 28th March in the Paisley Stake building at 7pm.

We will share this part of President Uchtdorf’s message.


click on image to go to President Uchtdorf’s talk.
This quote is offered as a free printable download by jengerbread creations, and you can download it

We look forward to seeing you all there. I’m sure the sisters that we will be visiting will be delighted to see you too.

3 thoughts on “We’re having a reach out night!”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Good point. We really need to see what kind of response we get, but at the moment, our thoughts are just to stay in Irvine. That way everyone can return to the building and report. ie whether or not the sister visited wants to go to the stake social and if they need transport arranged. Hope this helps clarify things for you.

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