A Big Thank-You

Sisters, Our Reach-Out night on Thursday evening was a success! We are so grateful to you all for your efforts. After what almost seemed like a winter’s day, with high winds and heavy rain, it turned into a pleasant enough night, albeit a little chilly. What more could we expect from the first day of Spring.

On our return to the building we were greeted with a piping hot cup of homemade soup, and a lovely slice of homemade fruit loaf. Made by sister Jessie S (thank you so much Jessie) it was very much appreciated by all. Served up by Sister Ann D, again many thanks Ann.

We would also like to thank our Bishop, Bishop George Broadfoot and our Relief Society President’s husband Jim for helping out with additional transport and filling their cars to capacity. Again, thank you to all for making it a succesful night.

May we reach out to rescue the lost who surround us: the aged, the widowed, the sick, those with disabilities, the less active, and those who are not keeping the commandments. May we extend to them the hand that helps and the heart that knows compassion. By doing so, we will bring joy into their hearts, and we will experience the rich satisfaction that comes to us when we help another along the pathway to eternal life. – Thomas S Monson

One thought on “A Big Thank-You”

  1. I’m glad the weather changed – I’d been watching it all day! Sorry I couldn’t manage along, I had to pull out at almost the last minute. Oh, and I do love home-made soup, and fruit loaf (yum) – so sorry I missed that too!

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