Recipes needed

Hello Sisters, this is a little plea for help!

We are looking for a good selection of recipes for the Blog and need everything from Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner, and from Starters to Mains to Desserts.

I’m sure all you talented ladies have some really great recipes that you’d love to share. 🙂

There are just a few requirements. It has to be a recipe that you have previously prepared and know that it is good (I guess that’s obvious isn’t it!). We would also like to have at least one accompanying photograph with it. Obviously the quality of the photo has to be good, but that doesn’t mean that you need a hi-spec camera – your camera phone can do a pretty good job – the main thing is that you photograph it in good light.

If the recipe has originally come from online, or from a book, the method of preparing the item has to be described in your own words, not as shown in the book or online. This is because that part of the recipe can be regarded as ‘intellectual copyright’. But it’s not difficult to just jot down how you prepare it, as you do it. There’s no copyright on ingredients, so as listed in your source, is fine.

We need a link to the online source, or name of the cook and book, so that we can link to it and give proper credit. If the recipe has been passed down from family to family, then so much the better, we can just give you credit for it.

If you can help out, you can let us know about it by using the form below, and we can arrange to get it from you, (don’t worry – your email address won’t be published).

Alternatively, just give a written copy to anyone on the Additional Meeting Committee on Sunday.

If you’re stuck with the photographs, let us know, help can be given. 🙂

Thanks so much!  x

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