Relief Society Paisley Stake Event

A restoration of an Ancient Pattern

Friday’s Relief Society event started with a programme highlighting the service of women from the early pioneer days, and the formation of Relief Society, through WWI to the present day.

“parallels were drawn regarding the role of women in the physical war, and the spiritual war we are facing”

Women have always served, and last night was a great example of such service.  The event had been many months in the planning and every detail had been covered.  We listened to a Pioneer sister and a noble nurse of WWI (Norma and Ruth), our Stake Relief Society President, sisters, missionaries, priesthood and young women.

Parallels were drawn regarding the role of women in the physical war, and the spiritual war we are facing, and a video presentation interspersed seamlessly with the speakers.  The programme was inspiring.

Afterwards, we went to the cultural hall, and the music rang out.  “We’ll Meet Again”, sung by the wonderful Vera Lynn, took us back to the days of WWII.  For some of us, it brought back memories of the songs our mothers sang during the post-war years of the late forties and early fifties. For some sisters, who would have been children during the war years, it triggered memories of singing along with the radio, during a period of extreme hardship.


The music of that era continued as we sat at tables overlaid with newspaper pages – aptly reminiscent of WWII.  To complete the nostalgic scene, each table was laden with ‘jeelie-jar’ glasses filled with pink lemonade; cake stands packed with scones; pancakes, fairy cakes, shortbread, and boxes of sandwiches.

It was an evening that took us through three different eras – a past that links us all.  It was an evening that remembered the strength and endurance of women, many of whom whom served, at home and abroad, in the most dangerous of conditions, in times of war and strife. It was an evening that reminded us, that we as women, have a unique strength to endure and overcome, spiritually and physically.

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