Preach My Gospel FHE Lesson 1

Chapter 4: Missionary Work and the Spirit

This is the first lesson in the new FHE series based on the teachings of Preach My Gospel. Teach your family to be better member missionaries or help prepare your children for future missions with these great FHE lessons!


Challenge: Identify one of your spiritual gifts. Pray for help to use it to share the gospel with somebody around you this week.

Song: “Let the Holy Spirit Guide” (Hymns, no. 143)

Materials needed: Paper and pencils, scriptures

Lesson: How does the Holy Ghost work?

Explain that many voices and devices in the world compete for your attention, and they can easily drown out spiritual impressions if you are not careful. We recognize the Spirit as being a “still, small voice.” That means we have to be listening. It takes practice to know when the Holy Ghost is speaking to you. Talk about the gifts of the Spirit and how to recognize them (Patriarchal blessings, observation, prayer, etc.). Split up the following scriptures between family members, then ask them this question.

What spiritual gifts do you have?

Moroni 10:8-18

D&C 46:11-33

1 Corinthians 12:1-12

Read the following quote from Preach My Gospel:

“Gifts of the Spirit are special spiritual blessings that the Lord gives to worthy individuals for their own benefit and for their use in blessing others.” (PMG Page 91)

Now take turns pointing out other family members’ gifts of the Spirit and discuss ways that those spiritual gifts can be used to do member missionary work. An example might be that the family member with the gift of faith can use this gift to bear their testimony sincerely to others. Another example might be a family member with the gift of being a peacemaker who could reach out to an inactive member that has been offended.

Give family members the challenge listed at the beginning of this lesson. Encourage them to write it down and put it somewhere they will remember it.

Additional Resources: 

Preach My Gospel Chapter 4: Recognizing the Spirit

Mormon Messages: Voice of the Spirit

“Spiritual Gifts,” Sept. 1986 Ensign, Elder Dallin H. Oaks

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