Sow, Grow, Eat

April Additional Meeting

Our Additional Meeting was on Thursday, 3rd April, and we want to give a huge ‘thank you’ to all the sisters who came out on such a dreadful night!  We were delighted to have so many join us!

We kept you guessing about the title of this meeting!  Although no one got it right, (sorry, it was really a hard one to figure out!) we decided to pick a name from the hat, and Eve was the lucky young lady who received our little gift.  Hope you enjoy it Eve.


The planning part of the meeting was quite a lot of work, but that didn’t mean that the committee didn’t have fun.  We gathered at Nancy’s house and started to decorate the brightly-coloured window pots that will hopefully start to flourish in the coming weeks…once you plant your seeds into them of course!

We had a working lunch, and, as you will see from the photos below, we did indulge in a few treats. Thanks to Nancy who took time to cut out, assemble and fill all the seed packets after we left!

The theme was Container Gardening, with the main focus on vegetables.

“Planting a garden, even a small one, allows for a greater degree of self-reliance. With the right information and a little practice, individuals and entire families can enjoy the many benefits of planting and tending a garden.”  ~

After we watched and discussed the short video -El Alto Container Gardens (above) – Fiona introduced a very distinguished panel of gardening experts who had agreed to join us at our very own Gardener’s Question Time.

Gardener’s Question Time

Lady Claudia Compost, Flora Abundance, Dame Rhoda Dendra and Professor Pansy Potter answered the numerous gardening questions put to them. At times there was quite a bit of debate amongst our panel about the best way to tackle some obviously difficult gardening problems.

The result was definitely a case of ‘don’t try this at home’ as all of the answers were…shall we just say…rather unconventional!  We were splitting our sides with laughter, and completely unable to take note of the answers – so there’s not much danger of us “…sharing your foot bath with your prize vegetable plant that is rotting at the root…then adding some of your prescribed cream…  😀

Three activities

After Gardener’s Question time, we split into three groups, with each group rotating between the Herb Quiz, pricking out seedings, and potting up mixed containers.  It was very much a hands-on night; and although we did provide some rubber gloves – humble apologies to all who went home with dirty fingernails.  🙂

It seems we have some very knowledgeable sisters in the Ward, as the red and green teams both scored  8/8 in the Herb Quiz.  Well done ladies!

Our aim was to make all our sisters aware that, even in the smallest of spaces, a garden can be created.  Each sister left with a garden starter mini kit comprising of one herb window pot with compost and seeds; one Viola or Geranium; a beetroot; several seedlings, and one or more packets of veg or salad seeds.

Some gardening magazines were available too, courtesy of Nancy, plus our own Sow, Grow Eat leaflet.

Click on the image below to download the Sow, Grow, Eat leaflet

Download me

Arthritis Research UK has a great booklet ‘Gardening and Arthritis’ that you will find really helpful if you suffer from arthritis – or know someone who does.  It gives plenty of ideas how to garden and still enjoy it, even when you have pain.  You can also order paper booklets, FOC from the same site; a donation is welcome, but not a requirement.



Thank you to all who donated to the refreshment table!  Nancy’s Elderflower Cordial was very popular, as was Ruth’s Lavender Shortbread.  Still in keeping with the theme of the evening – Frances made some delicious Beetroot Dip, Yoghurt & Mint dip and *Apple & Beetroot bread.

Nancy also brought sun dried tomato, herb flat breads, and multi seed flatbreads to go with the dips. Huge thanks to Fiona & Julie Y for the tasty salads, and Martha and Naiomi for the yummy sandwiches.

*Frances’ Apple & Beetroot bread is made by using a recipe for White Soda Bread, and adding one chopped apple and one chopped beetroot.

Hope you will all join with us at the next meeting!

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