Are you a Facebook Fan?

If you’re a Social Media fan then this new idea is one to keep an eye on – it can turn your social media posts into your journal and save it to the FamilySearch website.

Cyndi Tetro works for Disney in the Imagineering department and she knows stories.

She said, “Storytelling is a timeless human tradition.” Stories are memorable, help us to travel further, and inspire us to action. The ones who know a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges, yet “we are creating stories every day that are not being captured.”  She asked, “How do we remember?” Her answer was that we collect family stories in journals, audio, and video files. We are using social media yet the stories are being lost.

Cyndi Tetro and Ben Bennett have created #MyToday which will help individuals share and keep stories from their social media accounts by saving them to the FamilySearch website.

You can try it out for yourself on  It is still in Beta (which means that it’s still being tested) and won’t yet save your Facebook journal to the FamilySearch Website – but it will illustrate the technology.

I’ve tested it, and although it hasn’t picked up all my posts from the different places where I am on FB, it’s certainly very interesting, and I’ll be watching out for the finished version.  It does take a good few minutes, especially if you have a lot of posts, and a lot of images – so just give it some time to run.

It’s an interesting new way to create a journal, particularly if you post a lot online about your daily life. 🙂

Try it at

Read the full article on the Family Search Blog

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