June Additional Meeting

Please bring with you: up to four Gently Used Items,  Finger Foods and Talents

For Swapping

The items you bring should be easy to carry home. Photograph larger items and bring the photo with you. Please label your items. (Just another little point – any items not shared by the end of the evening should be taken home by the owner.)  

For Eating

We will be sharing food in the Mall Cafe, so please bring along some finger food, such as small cakes, slices of fruit loaf etc – ideally something nice that you would like to eat yourself, and it will be added to the table. Drinks will be provided.

For Sharing

In addition to sharing goodies, we will be sharing talents (or services).

So dig deep into your inner self – for each one of us has a talent that would be helpful to someone else!   It may be something as simple as offering to babysit to let a tired mum and dad have an evening out together, or tackling a pile of ironing for someone in need of a little bit of help.

Whatever it is, there’s someone who would love to share with you.  🙂

We’re looking forward to spending time with you on Thursday!


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