Pray for Opportunities to Share

“Pray, personally and in your family, for missionary opportunities. … Ask Him for direction and then go and do as the Spirit prompts you.”

– Elder M. Russell Ballard, “Put your trust in the Lord” October 2013 General Conference

Will you pray and then act?



Record Inspiration


Look for Opportunities

Need ideas? Find 15 easy ways to share the gospel.

Overcome Fear

Brothers and sisters, fear will be replaced with faith and confidence when members and the full-time missionaries kneel in prayer and ask the Lord to bless them with missionary opportunities. Then, we must demonstrate our faith and watch for opportunities to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Heavenly Father’s children, and surely those opportunities will come. These opportunities will never require a forced or a contrived response. They will flow as a natural result of our love for our brothers and sisters. Just be positive, and those who you speak with will feel your love.

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