7 General Conference FHEs in the Bag!

Here is a simple way to organise 7 weeks of FHE’s using General Conference talks from October 2013

The basic idea is to give each person in the family a “Kit” which has their own conference ensign or the assigned talk, a few suggestions to help “fun it up”, and then a treat to eat as they prepare:).

Now to Prepare the FHE Kits:

(for a family of 7)
  • 7 General Conference Magazines (this encourages them to read through other messages)
  • 7 Treats for the Preparer to enjoy while planning FHE
  • 7 talks you have pre picked
  • 7 plastic bags
  • 7 printable to tell what talk to teach, with suggestion for activity or pictures for a story, etc – just an idea or two that helps “fun it up”

nov 009

Free printable:   General Conference fhe in the bag Oct 2013

Talks included in this printable:

  • Elder Russell M Nelson – Decisions for Eternity
  • Elder David A Bednar – The Windows of Heaven
  • Elder L Tom Perry – Doctrines and Principles in the Articles of Faith
  • Elder M Russell Ballard – Put your trust in the Lord
  • Elder Richard J Mayes – The strength to Endure
  • Elder Kevin S Hamilton – Continually Holding Fast
  • President Thomas S Monson – We never walk alone

Everyone gets to teach a Lesson – Spread them out on the Table and put everyone’s name in a bowl. First name drawn out gets to choose which FHE Kit they want first.

Grab the Calender and write down who gives the lesson and on what week!

On the Last week have 7 more kits assembles and ready to go.

This idea comes from Plenty of Picnics

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