Wimbledon Garden Party Follow-Up

A fun night and it didn’t rain!

How we worried about the rain!   It threatened, but it stayed well away until the last of us were ready to head home.  And so we managed to have all our activities outdoors on the church lawn.

It was delightful to have some of our Primary children join with us, along with some of our Young Women!  Their happy smiles and enthusiasm were infectious!

It was a happy evening with a great spirit of togetherness, and well worth all the work and effort that went into preparing this particular additional meeting.

Games for fun and games for points

Nancy’s brother Ralph kindly came along to give us a some tennis coaching – and all those who took part said that they had great fun.  We really want to thank Ralph for giving up his evening to join us (though we’re pretty sure that Ralph enjoyed the evening too!). 🙂

Just for fun we had Swingball and Table Tennis, and for scoring some team points we had Petanque (Boules), Knock the Cans over, Rope Quoits, Bean Bag Toss, Bat the Ball through the Hole, and Toss the Ball through the Hole!


We have too many photographs to host here on the blog, so they are being hosted on an external gallery (SmugMug – 100% reliable). Sister Watt kindly helped out by taking some of the photographs (they’re great!) and these are identified by SW in the filename.

To see all 78 images:  click any of the photos below – the gallery will open in a new window.




If you would like some of the pictures in higher resolution for your own computer, or for print, just let us know and we will send you a download link.

Food and cozy togetherness

Afterwards we sat down to eat and just enjoy each other’s company!  A few sisters have asked about the music (yes, we did hear a few sisters singing along!).  It was Passione by Andrea Bocelli, a collection of Mediterranean love songs, that most sisters will readily recognised, even though they were sung mostly in Italian.  🙂

Wimbledon just wouldn’t be Wimbledon without Strawberries and Cream, so after some Sandwiches and Brioche, lots of home baking – Berry Meringues, Caramel Tarts, Scones topped with cream and…strawberries, Mini Cheesecakes, Strawberry Tarts and Strawberry Cake – we enjoyed a bowl of Strawberries and Cream….and finally, a few chocolates. Yum!

Results and Winners

In case you didn’t hear the team result for the evening’s activities – the Purple Team won!  Well done the Purple Team!!

And we know you’ve all been waiting to find out who won the prize for predicting the results of the Men’s and the Women’s Wimbledon final!  Well…


The prize goes to sister Moira S for predicting that Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova would be the winners!  Well done Moira!

Moira will receive this little notebook/journal on Sunday at our Relief Society Meeting!



We have so many people to thank – including those sisters who chipped in at the last minute to help out.

Thanks to the Bishop and Jez for helping to lift all the food and equipment from the car to the building, and for putting out all the games activities on the grounds.  And again, a huge thanks to Ralph!

Thanks once more to the Bishop who, along with Nancy helped to serve the oranges and the watermelon wedges to all the sisters out on the lawn. Thanks to the Young Women who helped serve the drinks and strawberries! Thanks to those who spent time baking and contributing cakes and sandwiches – it was greatly appreciated. And also hugs and thanks to everyone who stayed behind to help clear up, especially in the kitchen!

The Additional Meeting Committee xoxo

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