Love at Home

If you’re tired or feeling stressed, take a few minutes out and watch this short video by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Love at Home – guaranteed relaxation.

2 thoughts on “Love at Home”

  1. A previous post had a list of helpful resources for a variety of things incl. family history, food storage etc I mistakenly binned it, could you send it to me again, Ann

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    1. Hi Ann, all posts remain on the blog – you can find all posts relating to Family History by using the drop-down menu on the right sidebar of the blog. It is headed “SEARCH THE BLOG BY CATEGORY”. Click on the button below the heading and choose “Family History”. All posts relating to Family History will then load on your page. Can’t think of any specifically mentioning Food Storage, but there is a link, also in the right sidebar, to Preparedness Pantry which may give you ideas relating to food storage (it’s a US site).

      There are also links in the right sidebar to Family History Websites. Hope this helps.

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