September Additional Meeting Follow Up

Angels Among Us

The meeting started with stories that some of out sisters had shared with us, about kindness shown to them at times when they needed help most. It was heart-warming to hear those stories, and it strengthened our belief that human nature is loving and kind; and no matter who, or where you are, each one of us has a kind and loving guardian angel close by.

We listened to the next session in the chapel area. It was intended that we start this part with a particularly lovely number by Sissel with the Tabernacle Choir, but something went amiss and only a short section played.  But never fear, we have the full version for you now – with video!  🙂

Sister Schoular entertained us with a few stories from the past – of her friend and her dog, Jane. Sister Watson spoke of her ancestry and how we can honour those angels from our past by researching family history and having their work completed in the Temple.  We all appreciate the efforts made by both sisters.


When we returned to the cultural hall Frances and Isobel provided materials and help to everyone who wanted to make pretty little lavender bags that are perfect for hanging in the wardrobe to keep special items of clothing smelling fragrant.



While everyone else busied themselves with needles & thread, Nancy and Christine were hard at work in the kitchen.  The desserts looked fabulous – and tasted fabulous too! I think we all took a few extra calories home with us. Thank you Nancy & Christine for all your hard work.



Thank you

A huge thanks to everyone who came along,  and to all who helped out.  Thanks to those who donated to the refreshment tables, to the sisters who added to the Memories Table in the cultural hall and to the Priesthood who kindly set out the tables and chairs for us, then cleared them away when we were finished.

Next Meeting

The next additional meeting will be in November, though we are hoping to run another workshop during October.  We’ll give you more details about this soon.


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4 thoughts on “September Additional Meeting Follow Up”

  1. Thank you for sharing that Helen – sad and painful memories can often be hard to put into words – but you’ve expressed it beautifully. Sending you a big hug. x

  2. Cathy, I really enjoyed the photos posted on the Relief Society and wished I had been there with all of those lovely sisters. I also have a story of love and kindness to share. After the death of our baby daughter my dear sisters took great care of me and my family in many ways at times I was unaware because of the pain and grief we were going through. We could not afford a headstone at that time for our babies grave ( she shares Michael Diver’s grave), June Scott took it upon herself to ask church members for donations. Again dear church members gave generously and a headstone was bought for both babies. Truly angels. I love my Irvine sister and they will always be very dear to me. ❤

  3. hi Cathy the link for the music doesn’t seem to be working. It’s just showing blank for me. Is it playing for you?

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