Christmas is Coming. Are You Pinterested?

A Pinner you say?

Are you a Pinner?  How many boards do you have?  Do you have private boards to keep your Christmas gift ideas away from prying eyes?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, then you’re probably not a Pinner.  But Christmas is coming, and one of the best places to go to for new ideas is Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, or if you think it’s not up your street, you might want to pause for a moment and reflect on the merits that Pinterest undeniably has.

What do you do if you’re browsing online for ideas – lets say (humour me) – Christmas ideas. OK – I know that it’s still (at the time of writing) 12 weeks away.  But if you’re like me, I like to mull over ideas for a while before taking any action on them.  So you see lots of goodies online, but what do you do then?  Bookmark the link, make a note of the item on a scrap of paper, or use your valuable ink to print the page that it’s on?

The easier way

There’s an easier way.  You can sign up to Pinterest, as millions of others around the world have done before you and you start creating ‘boards’.  The boards can be private, or public, the choice is yours.  They will soon contain a few, then a few hundred and upward, treasured images that you’ve found online.

You can browse through Pinterest and ‘follow’ other Pinners who’s boards you like – or you can just follow individual boards. You can pin their pins, and if you have public boards, they can pin yours.

Oh, and by the way, the Church also has a series of boards on Pinterest.  Not a huge amount, but they’re getting there. 🙂

The Pin it Button


Once you have seen a picture of something that you want to remember, or purchase later (or simply like), you Pin it.  You may have noticed that many images will show a button when you hover your mouse over it.  All you have to do is to click on that pin and save it to one of your boards.

The other way of pinning is to download the Pinterest Button to your browser.  It sits neatly and unobtrusively in your menu bar until you need it.  One click and a little window will open with the image information and you can now choose the board you want to place the image in. Easy-peasy.  🙂

Dreaming of warmer climes

If you’re thinking of taking a holiday, you can do a visual tour of the world’s greatest cities, or hidden gems on Pinterest.  Pin them to your holiday board along with special places you’ve found (or been) yourself.


No matter what you’re interested in, from baking to jewellery-making, art to recycling, or technology to home-decorating, there are Pinterest boards and millions of Pins just waiting to be explored…and added to.

I’ve been with Pinterest almost from it’s startup. Loving its potential I introduced one of my friends and she fell in love with it.  Last time I looked (about 2 minutes ago) she had 4,545,331 Followers.  I’m not sure how that happened, but I guess a lot of people like what she pins.  😀

Christmas is coming

So, as I said at the start, Christmas is coming, and I’m going to be busy.  Eight family members coming to stay over Christmas, with one Veggie and one little girl who needs Gluten-Free, plus 30-something coming for dinner on Boxing Day.

I need to leave you now…I have a lot of pinning to do.

Happy pinning. xx


4 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming. Are You Pinterested?”

  1. I am a pinner,and I have 2 boards,but the are only to do with cards and cardmaking! But I really do like Pinterest.I would like to find out more about it though !!!

    1. List on a sheet of paper, all the different things that interest you Isobel, then go into Pinterest and make a board for each of those interests. I have 44 boards – art, photography, the different seasons, Christmas (of course!), Scrapbooking, Scotland…etc… It’s a good way to collect ideas for the home, the garden, recipes, practical items or things you just want to dream about.

      I’ve just made a Snowman Wreath for my front door – and I found that idea of Pinterest. For Christmas (of course!). 😀

  2. Well Cathy this has given me food for thought, as I usually have a number of scraps of paper with the sites I have seen something I like , then what happens next I cannot find them when I need them, or I download stuff and use loads of ink, what a wise woman you are I must start to do something about this and pinterest could be the answer.

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