God Bless Us Every One!

God Bless Us, Every One! : The story behind A Christmas Carol

Mormon Tabernacle Choir DVD included

If you’re hard at work composing Christmas present lists, or even just thinking about it, this delightful book tells the story of how Dickens came to write his most famous work, and at the same time discover the spirit of Christmas.

The story is told during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2013 Christmas concert. In the enclosed 21-minute *DVD, the esteemed Welsh stage, screen and television actor John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings) tells the story of God Bless Us Everyone!, complete with music from the choir, The Orchestra at Temple Square, period costumes, and exciting visual effects.


“In creating stories for others, we sometimes end up revealing truths to ourselves.  Such was the experience of the beloved Charles Dickens, master storyteller and honorary champion of Christmas.  But Dickens was not always the purveyor of yuletide wisdom we know today – he too had to discover for himself the true spirit of Christmas and how best to keep it all the year through.”

You can read more about God Bless Us, Every One! : The story behind A Christmas Carol HERE

The book, complete with *DVD is available from Amazon UK, price £13.67 including delivery, and you can buy it HERE

To whet your appetite, here is a little snippet from the 2013 Concert.  It features soprano Deborah Voigt, and actor John Rhys-Davies.

*The DVD enclosed with the book shows a portion of the concert, as outlined above. However, the DVD of the full concert, which is named Let the Season In, can be bought separately.

UPDATE:  The DVD is available from the LDS store for £13.15.  It’s going on my Christmas list!  (Oh – and I’m sure that it would make a really wonderful Ward Fireside!)  Thanks to Ann for providing the clue this morning, after her excellent Family History Presentation!

An audio CD of the music from the concert is also named Let The Season In, and is available from Amazon, and for download on iTunes.


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