Acrostic Poems

There are many different types of poetry.  In acrostic poetry the first letter of each line spells the title of the poem.

Here are a few examples I’ve written:-

Pondering I watch the sky
Endless clouds go drifting by.
Always moving by wind they fly.
Calm reflecting in my eye.
Easy comes the tranquil sigh.

Note the first letter of each line together spell peace. I have made each line rhyme but it is not necessary, e.g.

Egrets stocking the glistening Nile.
Giant pyramids gracing the endless sands.
Yachts and feluccas gliding past.
Pharoahs buried ‘neath ancient skies.
Timeless as the waters roll.

Have a go yourselves and let us know how you get on.

2 thoughts on “Acrostic Poems”

  1. I never knew that either. Might just give it a try 🙂 don’t think i’ll be published for a while yet though lol Ann you’re a dark horse.

  2. Today I’ve learned something new – Acrostic Poems. 🙂 Thank you for posting this Ann, I’ve enjoyed reading your two poems and the explanation of how they are formed. Not promising that I’ll be able to produce anything worthwhile…but it’s certainly got me thinking!

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