Visiting Teaching Convention

January Visiting Teaching Convention

It was a wild winter’s night, but the church was cozy and warm.  Not just because the heating was toasty, but because of all the friendly faces gathered inside, ready to offer a loving hug.

The meeting started off in the chapel, with tender, inspirational talks from Moira, Fiona and Agnes.

We then moved to the cultural hall, and took part in a little fun quiz, that made many of us realise that there was quite a few things that we didn’t know about Visiting Teaching!  But it wasn’t made easy, as someone had sneakily planted a couple of trick questions in it.  😄

This was followed by a short skit, with the RS Presidency and Christine.  So how do you react when the door knocks and you realise it’s your visiting teachers?  Hopefully not quite like Ann & Maxine (playing their parts like pros.)

Who’s knocking at the door?  Eeek…it’s the visiting teachers!
There was rather a lot of giggling
Visiting Teaching makes us Super Heroes

Karen gave us a visual illustration of what a Supervisitingteacher was….and gave us all a good laugh.

Visiting Teacher – Super Hero
Frances with her Super Hero handout

We finished up with refreshments…

Theresa enjoys a jammy doughnut, with Maxine
Fiona, Hanna & Penny
Lorna and Isobel

…then headed back into the wild, wild night…

Hope you all managed to keep tiles on your roofs, and that your garden huts didn’t come crashing down overnight.  We’re definitely into winter now – so take care everyone!

3 thoughts on “Visiting Teaching Convention”

  1. Thursday night at Relief Society was so good ! The talks in the Chapel were good for the heart ,and so inspiring ,then ,into the cultural hall for a laugh and lesson sto be learnt from the “visiting teachers”.So enjoyed it. Thank you………

  2. I too am sorry to have missed this meeting Catherine. Sounds like I missed a good evening.Thanks for keeping us in the loop though.
    Bless you.

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