February 2015 Additional Meeting Follow Up

Raindrops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens.

Yes, we know it was a rather odd name for a RS Additional Meeting – as usual we just offered clues – and the clue was in the name.  How many guessed “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music? The theme for the evening was love – that was probably apparent from the decor – hearts everywhere!

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 Desert Island Discs

We started off with our very own version of the 70-year-old – and still immensely popular – radio programme, Desert Island Discs.


Presenter for the evening was Fiona – who did an amazingly good job of keeping it flowing smoothly from start to finish.  I’m sure that Fiona could present the ‘real thing’ just as ably as any of the top BBC presenters! 😊

What would you most love to take with you to a desert island?

We didn’t have one castaway – we had six. Christine, Julie, Maxine, Naiomi, Rachel and Veronica shared their choices of music, art and poetry – and that was hugely entertaining!

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To close Desert Island Discs, the Young Women sang so beautifully for us.  Thank you girls, we enjoyed that so much.

Treasure Bags Activity

Frances led the activity which was to make a treasure bag- perfect for storing mementos or little messages of love.  Earlier some of the card making sisters created small heart cards for us to write a special message that would be passed to another sister.  Everyone had a pretty little Kraft bag to take away with them.

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Refreshment Time

Finally we gathered together for some delicious refreshments.  Two chocolate fountains overflowed Thornton’s chocolate and there was plenty of treats to dip into it.

The main table had cookies, cupcakes, shortbread, rock cakes, fruit loaf, all beautifully home baked and donated by several talented sisters (and one talented brother!).  The best artisan bakery couldn’t have done better – well done everyone!

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Nancy organised a little “Guess the Number of Love Hearts in the Jar” game that  Veronica won with a very close guess.

Many thanks!

Thank you to everyone who put so much effort into creating such a lovely evening, and to all those who stayed behind to help to clear up.

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