April Cookery Workshop

Fast and Slow Cooking

The theme of the April Workshop, led by Frances, was Fast and Slow Cooking.

So how do you cook slow?  Well, “simply,” said Frances “when you use a slow cooker”.  Frances brought along two meals, partially prepared in slow cookers and left them to complete their cooking time while she explained the merits of using a slow cooker.

Now I’ve got to admit that I’ve never used a slow cooker before, mainly because I haven’t relished the prospect of preparing a meal in the morning.  But after listening to Frances’ common-sense approach to it, I’ve got to admit that I can see numerous occasions where a slow cooker could be invaluable.

Also I like the idea of being able to pop it on, forget about it, and then many hours later, open it to find a complete, succulent meal waiting for you. 😊

When they were ready, we ate both dishes, a chilli and a macaroni meal. Excellent!

And the fast?  The microwave of course.  Too many of us use this valuable kitchen appliance to simple warm up a few things, and defrost others.

First came Flapjacks – so quick to pull the ingredients together, pop into the microwave and hey presto – after just a few minutes a dish of perfect flapjacks emerged.

Next, we tackled apple crumble. I was a bit sceptical about crumble being made in the microwave, but should have known better – this sister always knows better than me!

Firstly the apples were peeled, chopped and popped into the microwave.  While they were cooking the topping was prepared.  The topping was added to the hot apples, and then, curiously, flattened down quite firmly.

The ramekins were placed back into the microwave, and after a further few minutes, they emerged with a perfect topping.  A little sprinkling of sugar (optional if you’re cutting back!) finished the dessert.  How did it taste? Mmm…delish!

So in the space of a couple of hours, we learned the merits of slow and fast cooking.  Perfect.

Thanks Frances for bringing your skills – and all the ingredients along.  And thanks Nancy for all the invaluable help in arranging the workshop.


Thanks also to those of you who came to the workshop – your participation is greatly appreciated!

One thought on “April Cookery Workshop”

  1. Another informative and fun night 🙂 Can’t wait to make the apple crumble. Thanks Frances for showing us how simplely you can turn out a delicious dessert x

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