Neat as a New Pin

We hope that you enjoyed Thursday evening’s Additional Meeting – Neat as a New Pin, held on 7th May 2015.  The theme was “A tidy, well-organised home”, and of course, we know that we’re all tidy, well-organised people…aren’t we… 😄

But there are times when our houses can become overwhelmed with all the things that we acquire, or can’t bear to throw away; or things that our adult children leave behind when they move on to their own places; or when little grandchildren come to visit and need toys to play with, beds to nap on.  Some of us accumulate masses of crafting paraphernalia that could soon overrun a mansion house. Many will tell you how homes of empty nesters can quickly fill up with cots and baby baths, changing mats and sterilising units…and so on. Hands up if you don’t collect clutter!

The evening started off with a series of team challenges.  The challenge was to tidy away a huge heap of household items that had been dumped on a table. An odd assortment of boxes and containers was supplied to help do the job.  Our fearless teams of 5 able sisters (assisted by a few YW and Primary children) had to organise as much as possible within 2 minutes.  Rachel, on the clock, showed no mercy! The game was called “Order out of Chaos”.

Order out of Chaos

Click thumbnails for larger:

The tables didn’t just contain linens, they had costume jewellery, cotton wool face pads, clothes pegs, hairpins, dusters, toiletries, shoes, books…a real assortment that needed speed and nimble fingers – and with 5 sisters working side-by-side it did get a little bit frantic at times.

But never fear, the highly skilled teams (after all, we all know how to fold linens and declutter don’t we!) soon made short work of the Chaos and finished up with (mostly) well Ordered tables.

Click thumbnails for larger:

Who do you think had the tidiest, most-ordered table?

Through the Keyhole

The tv show “Through the Keyhole” was the inspiration for the next part of the programme.  We got a little peek into two sisters homes via the projector, and two panels of three sisters had to identify the owners.  The clues in the home’s quickly provided the right answers.


And…Who Lives in a House Like This…

On the same theme, our Quiz for everyone involved identifying, from two slides per home, the residences of 8 sisters. The photos contained little clues – and although it was actually quite difficult to put names to houses, many managed to get the right answers.

I’m sure Penny won’t mind if we take another little peek at her amazingly well-organised cupboard.


Top 10 Tips

Finally, Nancy and Naiomi gave us all some really great storage solutions for the home, and I’m sure that we all came away with some ideas that would help us to declutter various areas of our homes.  If you didn’t get a handout, or couldn’t make it to the meeting, you can download the handout in pdf version by clicking on the image below.



Refreshment Time

It wouldn’t be an Additional Meeting if we didn’t take the time to sit down together with some delicious home-baking and enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company.

Click thumbnails for larger:


A huge thank-you to everyone who put so much effort into preparing the programme, those who allowed us a glimpse of their homes; those who baked, cleared up afterwards, and of course, everyone who took part in the crazy games!  Thanks also to Jez for setting up the tables and chairs – and to Amiee who stepped in on Wednesday to help prepare the tables and hall.

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