Ward Social – Summer Extravaganza

When planning started for the ward social, the idea was to have all the tables and chairs outside and enjoy our food beneath a clear blue sky and relax in the warmth of a balmy summer evening. It’s July after all.  It’s summer…isn’t it?

It quickly became clear at the start of the week that temperatures were not going to rise much above a sorrowful 14C. So the tables were re-assigned to the cultural hall and then we watched the forecast daily (several times daily to be honest) to see if the activities could be played outside.

In the end, all was well – the sun shone. A downpour at 5pm meant that everything had to be pulled back indoors, but it didn’t last too long, and it was all put back out before you all arrived.

We have some photographs that we hope you will enjoy. You’ll find the link below to view them all. If you want to download any of them, instructions are also below.


We hope that you had a good evening, in good company. Thanks to everyone who put in so much effort into planning the event and preparing the wonderful food for the Salad Bar, the fabulous BBQ, the melon and orange trays, the scrumptious ice cream cones, the physical placing of tables, chairs, outdoor equipment, and so much more. Thank you!

Download Instructions

If you want to download any of the images to your own computer you have several options:

  • Use the button at the top to download all the images – or –
  • Click on any image to open it – you will see a small downward arrow at the bottom of the page. Click to download this image – or –
  • Hover your mouse over the thumbnail – you will see the photo number and also a small download arrow. Click the arrow to download this single image.

Finally, here’s the link to view the photos: http://smu.gs/1KrXFV7

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