Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Europe

2016 European Tour

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir recently announced their 2016 European Tour. My heart was pounding and my poor little fingers were trembling as I hit the link to find out more. Never having had the privilege of being at a live performance of this amazing choir, I wanted to get in there early and book my tickets!

Sadly, there will be no visit to Scotland, or for that matter, anywhere in the UK. But, hey, Paris, Brussels and Rotterdam aren’t that far away…!

The choir will perform in Berlin and Nuremberg before heading for Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Rotterdam before concluding the tour in Paris.  Ahhh…Paris. A little trip to Paris would be perfect, don’t you think…or for that matter, to any of the other European cities.


The tour will begin on Monday, June 27, through Saturday, July 16, 2016.

But don’t just take my word for it – read all about the Mormon Tabernacles Choir’s 2016 European Tour on their own website – and start saving!  😊


Paris image courtesy of Vladimir Fofanov


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