October 2015 Additional Meeting Follow Up

Hostess with the Mostest

Nancy gave a beautiful introduction to our theme, outlining why meal time conversations strengthen the family, and she shared with us some of her own, personal memories of meal times when she was growing up. We talked about why it is important to think about what we put on the table – not only the food – but little items of decor to make the table an inviting place for those who sit at it.


Five of our sisters had been invited to create little tablescapes for the evening – each had a different theme. The tables were ready, with one place setting at each, when we all arrived that evening – and what a lovely display they made.

Each of the sisters stood in turn to introduce their own table, and give us an insight into why they chose the decor that they did.

First was Penny’s table – Wedding



Next was Julie’s – Summer



Then Fiona’s – Party



And Ann D’s – Autumn



Finally, Julie F’s – Christmas



Napkin Folding Challenge

Next on the programme was a Napkin Folding Challenge!  All five tables were occupied, and each table had the challenge of folding a different napkin style. Definitely some were easier than others (smile!) but it was just the luck o’ the draw what you got!

The napkin folds were – Pinwheel, BowThe Cone, Simple Pouch and a second Pouch. It did appear that everyone managed to produce a nicely folded napkin – and once they were all complete, Maxine judged them and awarded bookmarks (made by Frances) to those at the winning table.

Which fold did you like best? Of course there are many, many more ways of folding napkins – a quick visit to Pinterest will introduce you to them!  My little granddaughter used some of the same instructions we used here (while she was visiting last week) and has promised to do ‘nice napkins for the Christmas Table this year’. Sweet.  😊


Frances brought along some very old kitchen utensils and it was our job to identify them all. A few of the utensils were difficult to identify, but that’s the challenge, isn’t it. No one managed to identify them all – but quite a few people scored nine – and that was definitely worth a gold star! 😄



A second ‘table quiz’ was running while this was going on, and was all about table etiquette. For example, do you know where you should place your napkin when you leave the table temporarily? Is it on the arm of the chair, the seat of the chair, or the back of the chair?  Again, no one scored 100% – but many were close! Well done ladies!

Foodie Fun Rhymes

Now, if you think that’s the end of it – we had a few laughs in store. Frances had unearthed some food-related poems that were recited by Julie, Nancy, Cathy and Frances – all guaranteed to put smiles on faces.


But time moves on and eventually we all found our way to the table where we selected our dessert from a choice of Strawberry Gateau, Citron Tart or Caramel Apple Tart, all served with berries, sauce & cream.






Thank You

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who put so much work into planning, preparing and clearing up! It’s wonderful to see (& feel) the love, companionship and support of our Relief Society Sisters! Thank you too, all those of you who provided recipes – we will be going through those soon.  😊

Our next Additional Meeting will be in December – keep an eye on the blog for the date.

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