Our Cook School Class

A warm atmosphere on a cold, wet night

On Saturday evening, 14th November, 2015, seventeen Relief Society sisters attended The Cook School Scotland, for a baking class.  The weather that night was horrendous, with rain lashing down and a huge amount of surface water lying on the roads.  But we’re brave!  This Christmas Baking class was not to be missed.

When we arrived we were welcomed into the cozy, dining room with soft drinks and our recipes for the night.




We started around 6pm, and I think some of us were wondering how we were going to manage to create three different bakes in just three hours. But the Cook School was well organised, and all the ingredients were measured out for us and waiting at our stations, along with bowls, pans, tools etc. We watched the first demonstration and then headed to our stations to attempt the bake. When we had completed the first bake, our used bowls, trays and utensils were quickly removed from our workstations, and replaced with clean ones. Oh my, what we would give for a kitchen assistant like that!





We made Biscotti, and the flavour of these little biscuits was superb.  While they were cooking we started on the Plum Puddings and this was followed by Spiced Apple Friands.  Oh, yum.  The only hiccup we had was getting our Friands out of the tins – they were stuck fast – apparently something to do with the tins themselves.  Buy hey, they may not have presented well on the plate, but they tasted good.



Once our baking was finished we made our way to the dining room, and savoured one of our plum puddings with delicious sauce. As it turned out we went a wee bit over the three hours – but when you’re in good company – that’s not a big problem, is it…







A huge thanks to all the staff at The Cook School Scotland, for providing such a well-organised evening for us.


One thought on “Our Cook School Class”

  1. I had a wonderful night, as did every sister that i’ve spoken with since. Can’t wait for a return visit 🙂 and you’re right everything tasted delicious.

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