February 2016 Additional Meeting Follow Up

Bed & Breakfast

Our meeting focused on how today’s busy 21st century lifestyles are causing so many of us to suffer from sleep deprivation, and took a little look at some of the ways we can learn to relax – making bedtime a safe haven. Breakfast wasn’t forgotten either and we had two great demonstrations from Nancy & Naiomi.


A comfortable bed

Our little bedroom, complete with inflatable bed, set the scene for some ideas on how to achieve a comfortable bed. We talked about the mattress, linens, duvet and the one thing we all tend to buy without giving it a great deal of thought – the pillow!

“From a physical perspective, pillows prop up the head, neck and shoulders – keeping them in alignment, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body.

From a more subjective perspective, pillows create a feeling of comfort, which aids in getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well rested.”

– London City Physiotherapy

Rachel, always full of fun, entertained us by popping into the bed and having a little snooze, finally jumping up and declaring it was time for seminary! Thanks Rachel, you put a smile on our faces!

Smoothies Demonstration



Naiomi gave us a good insight into how to create health smoothies with her NutriBullet nutrient extractor. Once the fruit and vegetables were extracted (it was amazing how fast this worked!), she placed samples on everyone’s plates at the tables.


I wonder how many of us went home and googled NutriBullet!  I did. I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m seriously considering the health benefits of having such a nutrient-packed drink in the morning.


Fiona spoke to us about relaxation techniques and had us sitting in our seats, stretching out our legs and feet, and breathing 4 seconds in, four seconds out, hold for 4 seconds. (If I’m remembering correctly!). She played a relaxation disk to us – but just for a few minutes as she was worried some of us might fall asleep.

Seriously though, getting to know some basic relaxation techniques, and applying them in our daily lives, is an invaluable asset in this often-franticly paced world we live in.

“…many people, including me, have difficulty finding the time for sufficient rest, exercise, and relaxation. We must schedule time on our daily calendars for these activities if we are to enjoy a healthy and balanced life. Good physical appearance enhances our dignity and self-respect”


Granola Demonstration

Nancy then took over and showed us how to make granola, a breakfast and snack food containing rolled oats, nuts, honey, and other ingredients such as seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, fresh or dried berries.



Nancy also placed samples of her very tasty granola on the tables, along with bowls of greek-style yoghurt. Yum!

Aromatherapy Demonstration & Dolly Bags


Frances spoke about the benefits of aromatherapy and then invited each of us to come forward and prepare a little dolly bag with some aromatherapy oils. The dolly bags with the relaxing oils were ours to take home with us.

Thank you Frances!


Finally we sat together to sample the tasters that Naiomi and Nancy had prepared for us, along with some muffins and an assortment of biscuits & juice.


Granola for Breakfast

Nancy sent over a few photos of her granola breakfast on Friday morning, along with a photo of the ingredients used. I hope you appreciate the humour in her pics! 😄






We really appreciate every sister who came along (on yet another wild & wet night) to support the Additional Meeting, and we appreciate the efforts put in by everyone who helped set out the hall, inflate the bed, provide us with electrical points, lift masses of items to and from cars, and so much more. Thanks to all the drivers who collected sisters and brought them to and from the church. And thanks also to those of you who took a little service card and helped us to clear up at the end of the evening. You have no idea how much that helps us. Thank you!

Don’t Forget!

Next month is the Relief Society Birthday Party!  Thursday 17th March at 7pm. 

Please come!




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