Relief Society Birthday Party 2016

Next Thursday, 17th March is the 174th Anniversary of the formation of Relief Society…and we’re having a Birthday Party!

Invitations are going out on Sunday, and we’d like you to RSVP.  To make it easier for you, you’ll find an ‘Acceptance” or “Decline” form in the envelope with your invitation. We’d really appreciate if you would fill this in and return it to one of the committee on Sunday.

Why are we doing this? Simply so that we know how many will be coming, and that we can plan to have the right amount of food, tables and chairs.  We’re trying to avoid wasted food, which will have been carefully prepared or purchased at a cost, by others.

So getting accurate information from you is important. If you find that you’ve told us that you’re coming, but then find that you can’t (or vice versa), you can let us know by using one of the contact numbers that you’ll find in the envelope.

Thanks so much for your understanding – we hope that you can all come – and we’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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