Relief Society Birthday Party

“Each spring, Latter-day Saint women across the globe commemorate the founding of the Relief Society by the Prophet Joseph Smith on March 17, 1842”

Preparing for the party

We decorated and set up the hall on Wednesday evening, in the Relief Society colours (well, as close as we could get with the various materials!)  Hope you liked it!

And did you like our three-tier cake stands that were made (by John W) from old plates that we’d gathered up?  We bought the handle fittings and the holes were drilled in the plates.  This means that those on the committee (and others) don’t have to transport cake stands from their own cupboards – there’s always the risk of breakage and we wouldn’t want that.  We thought they looked quite pretty.


But lets have a little recap of the birthday party.  Canapés and a little taster of Shloer were offered to each sister, and the programme commenced with comments from Bro Jim Sangster, (standing in for the Bishop) who spoke to us for a few minutes on the subject of sisterly love. This was followed by a mini-play.

Three Eras

Who would have thought that we had such talented actors in our midst!  Moira, Julie & Marie acted their parts so well, and Fiona took the part of narrator.  The play told the story of three sisters from three different eras, who find each other through Marie’s family history.


Moira lived in the mid-1800’s, and had emigrated to the US, where we find her busy knitting for a new baby at home in Scotland. When we meet Julie, she is rolling bandages to help aid injured military during WW1.  Marie, in the 21st century, is working hard on her iPad, trying to locate her great-great-grandmother.



Eventually a little clue presented itself to Marie, and great-great-grandmother Julie was found. To Marie’s surprise, once she entered great-great-grandmother Julie’s details in her family tree, many other ancestors populated the tree, including her great-great-great-great-grandmother, Moira.

Julie got a bit emotional (yep, we all know Julie!) but we also enjoyed a few light-hearted moments as Marie tried to explain an iPhone, and an ultrasound scan to Moira and Julie.


Well done ladies! You were superb!

“We are celebrating who we are and what our work is. We are celebrating those who have gone before. And we are celebrating our purpose.”

~ Sister Linda K Burton 2015

Medley of music from three eras

Next on the programme, was a performance by our very own Irvine Ward Relief Society Quintet. It’s fair to say that they had us in stitches with their antics. First up was the song, ‘Little Pioneer Children’. Love the bonnets ladies!


Quick change of headgear for ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ – this had everyone singing along and marching in their seats.


And finally, when our ribs ached too much, we had ABBA’s ‘Super Trouper’.


Celestial University

Fiona introduced the Celestial University programme that we’re now running, and if you didn’t get a booklet you can still collect one at Relief Society on Sunday. Celestial University is a goal-setting program which aids each of us to reach our true potential, and enables us to earn degrees by completing outlined requirements.


Afternoon Tea

We had afternoon tea (ok – so it was 8:15 pm by this time, but that’s ok!). The cakes stands were filled with sandwiches, scones and pancakes.






When the cake stands were empty, the dessert table was open for everyone to select their choice of individual trifle, fresh fruit cups, mini meringues, mini salted caramel tarts, mini cup cakes or biscuits & cheese.

Table Games

Who doesn’t like pass the parcel? It’s fair to say that you don’t stop enjoying party games just because you’ve grown up, so each table enjoyed a round of pass the parcel, followed by a quiz.

Musical Finale

Finally, to end the programme on a musical note, sisters, Catherine & Marie sang ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ and ‘We are Family’.  They rocked the hall!  What a fun ending for our party.





Thanks to all of you who took a Service Card and quickly helped us clear up the hall.  And thanks to the missionaries who came in the following day to remove the tables and chairs.

Thank you to everyone who made and baked, and decorated! Thanks to our lovely actors, our singers and to the committee who put in many hours of planning!

Final thought

One of the really special things about being able to take part in our Additional Meetings is the opportunity we have to come together for an evening, sometimes to relax together, sometimes to learn together. The company of our Ward sisters is special, and always a thing to be treasured. We hope that we can all make a very special effort to join together in the future.


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