The Great Springtime Bake Off

Bake Bake Bake!

This Additional Meeting is one that you won’t want to miss!

Just to briefly explain. The Great Springtime Bake Off will be in two parts.

  1. We’re aiming to have four contestants of Relief Society age baking on the night, and their finished bake will be judged by two very special guest judges. Hmmm….who could that be…?  😄  Most of you are probably glued to your tv sets when The Great British Bake Off is running during the summer months, so you’ll know the format, and know that it’s really great entertainment. To make this event work well,  your participation is vital!
  2. There will also be a Baking Competition running at the same time. This is open to all RS sisters, Primary girls age 8 and over, and all Young Women. We want to encourage you to bring along something that you have baked yourself (younger girls should work with supervision of mum, dad or an older sibling please). Your scrumptious bake will be judged by our guest judges, but to take the pressure off, you’re bakes will be split into age categories, so it should be fun.

The entry forms for both categories contain more information that you need to know, and you’ll find the download links further down this post.

Just remember, when you bake for this event, there are no losers – you’ve achieved something special, and we’re all doing this to encourage each other! Everyone who takes part is a winner!

Can you remember back to November 2014 when Amy showed us how to decorate cup cakes? Well, now is the time to put some of those skills into practice!


The next steps

Bake Off (Baking on the Night)

We need to find our four contestants who will be baking on the night – so we’re asking you to download an ENTRY FORM, and if we have more than four entrants, we’ll draw the names from the hat. All the information you will need is on the form. (It will be a simple bake – so don’t worry if you think you’re not the best baker in the world!)  *Download the entry form for the Bake Off HERE.

Bake-at-Home Baking Competition

We also need to know how many will be taking part in the Bake-at-Home Baking Competition, so we’re also asking you to fill in a simple ENTRY FORM. There are three age categories, 8-11yrs, 12-17yrs, and 18yrs & over. *Download the entry form for the Baking Competition HERE.

There’s also a choice of cakes that you can bake – Chocolate Cake, Victoria Sandwich, Fruit Tart/Pie, Fairy/Cup Cakes, and Free From.  Something for everyone! 😄


*If you have problems downloading the forms, you can get a printed copy from Fiona or anyone on the Additional Meeting Committee on Sunday.


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