The Great Springtime Bake Off

May Additional Meeting – The Great Springtime Bake Off

The hall was prepared on Wednesday for The Great Springtime Bake Off. It’s not exactly “the tent”… but we were happy with it. (Click images to view larger)


Certificates and prizes were laid out



The judges table was set

201605-GSBO-(27-of-32) 201605-GSBO-(31-of-32)

What are you eating?

As with almost all our Additional Meetings there’s a message behind it. Putting it simply, when we buy cakes & biscuits from the supermarket, are we really sure of what’s in them?

We compared the ingredients in a shop-bought chocolate cake, with the ingredients in a home-baked cake there was one or two surprises. The simplicity of the home-baked cake stood out in stark contrast to the shop-bought cake. But what was concerning was the addition of so many unknown (to us) ingredients in the shop-bought cake, including shellac…that raised a few eyebrows. While shellac is an edible product, and used as a glazing agent, would we choose to add it to our home-baked chocolate cake? Probably not. If you want to know this ingredient’s origins, click HERE – you might be surprised to know how many products that it’s used on.

Our team of contestants were there to show how easy it is to make a batch of scones. Did they succeed? Let’s take a look.

The Bake Off

On Thursday evening, our brave contestants arrived.  We are extremely grateful to Julie, Lorna, Fiona – and particularly Norma, who stepped in at the last minute and didn’t even have time to do a practice run.

The Bake Off soon got underway, carefully watched over by our Presenter, Frances – resplendent in red jacket & matching shoes.



Our judges were watching carefully…recognise them…?  😄


Techniques were scrutinised


and within a very short space of time, the scones were being cut out, ready to go into the oven.


Now at this point I have to say – our church oven isn’t the best (hope the Bishop’s reading this! lol) But our four fab contestants were undaunted. The scones were placed on the trays, and into the oven they went.


Oh my, this must have been nerve-wracking  – but out of the oven – came scones. A few were just a tiny bit underdone (definitely an oven fault – and pressure to get the scones onto the judge’s table). The general opinion of those of us who had a little taste, was “well done – they were great!”







The Great Springtime Bake Off was divided into two parts – the Bake Off and the Bake-at-Home Competition. To say we were amazed at the cakes brought to the competition would be a gross understatement! What a fabulous effort everyone made, with entries from Primary, Young Women and Relief Society. Not only did they look fantastic – they tasted fantastic too! We were so impressed!




Awards Ceremony

And the Bake Off Star Baker was…drumrollLorna – for her delicious Gluten Free Scones! Well done Lorna!

Our Bake-at-Home winners were:  

  • Laura (Primary) Fairy cakes
  • Jane (Young Women) Cup cakes
  • Lindsay (Young Women) Victoria Sandwich
  • Alicia (Young Women) Strawberry sponge
  • Linda (Relief Society) Rhubarb Tart
  • Margaret S (Relief Society) Victoria Sandwich
  • Eve (Relief Society) Cheesecake cup cakes
  • Nicola (Relief Society) Chocolate cake





Nancy prepared a fruit platter and a cheeseboard with a selection of biscuits & cheese. The Bake-at-Home table was open to all who wanted to enjoy a lovely slice of home-baked cake.


I’m sure we all put on a pound or two before the evening was over, but, hey ho – we all went out walking & did some gentle exercise the following day to burn those calories off. Didn’t we? 🙄

Thank you

Many, many thanks to everyone who put so much effort into this evening – especially our Bake Off bakers and our Bake-at-Home contestants! You’re wonderful and we really appreciate you! Don’t forget that you can use your effort towards your Celestial University degree! If you’re unsure how to do this, just talk to Fiona and she’ll put you right.

Thanks to Lorna and Larissa H who travelled down from Paisley to be our judges for the evening, we loved having you with us! It was also lovely to welcome Lorna’s other two daughters, Nevada & Olivia to our meeting.

Thanks to everyone who took a service card and helped clear up after the event.

Sorry we didn’t manage to set places at the tables for you to eat at, we just didn’t have enough tables.

Our next Additional Meeting will be in July!

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