Why Ward History?

August 2014

Let’s take a step back in time – 2 years to be exact – to the 20th August 2014.

Sisters, do you remember the first Computing Class that we had that month at Cranberry Moss Community Centre?

Without the aid of the photograph above, (even though it’s a back shot!) would you be able to clearly recall who was there, and who took the class?

Here is the blog post about that class:  Introduction to Computing.  This blog post is part of our ward history. Little articles like this help us to refresh our memories and relive emotions and feelings that we have at any particular time. We can look back on old photographs and see how we have all changed in appearance, and how children have grown to adulthood. Even a handful of years makes a difference to the way we look!

“we can follow the progress of those who’s lives have been changed by their church membership”

We can chart the spiritual progression of the ward and it’s members, recording the good times, and the sad times too. Through ward history we can follow the progress of those who’s lives have been changed by their church membership, or who have overcome trials or difficult period in their lives.

We can look back at the milestones in our members lives, and remember the excitement and happiness of the occasions – mission calls, marriages, new babies, graduations and more.

If we fail to record the history of our ward, how can we hope to remember fine details that happened throughout past years?

Once complete our annual ward history will be submitted to the Stake Church History Specialists and then on to the Records Preservation Centre in Solihull, England.

“This centre is now the location for Church History documents to be preserved in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and is a major step into the future for the Saints in those countries to have their records kept close to home.”

A copy of the Annual Ward History will remain in the ward, where members can browse though it’s pages in future years.

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