Family History in the Making: Journaling 2

A labour of love

I have a lovely friend who has just done what I’ve been saying for years I will do – she has scanned all her old family photographs, and put them together in a book that she has dedicated to her grandchildren. The photographs in the book start in the year 1868, and finish in 2015. It’s full of written details that she’s remembered, or gathered from elderly relatives, and it’s beautiful. It’s a treasure.

The 12″ x 12″ photobook is packed with information

I won’t pretend that this type of project is something that’s been pulled together in a few days – Kay has worked on this for many months – because she feels strongly that memories of past and present family deserve to be preserved. It’s been a labour of love.

In addition to this photobook, over the years she has carefully prepared family photo books for all the members of her family. She has books for each of her grandchildren and each big event such as weddings, births, graduations. They’re not all large books like the recently printed 12″ x 12″ Family Album 1868-2015 – but the point is, they all document the lives of her family.

The book cover – 1868 – 2015
A family member in every photograph
Never forgotten

There are many ways to record your family life – you might love writing in a notebook, and adding in some printed photographs – or typing stories to print and place in a binder, or creating a scrapbook, or maintaining an online journal.

Whatever way you choose to do it, the important thing is…just do it.

I will too.

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