Look To The Temple

The story is told of Daniel who, whilst in captivity in Babylon, would pray three times each day; the windows being open and facing towards Jerusalem, (Daniel 6:10) his home, and where was situated the House of The Lord. In all that his new life and surroundings had impacted on him – still he used as his reference point, the Temple, to remind him of who he was.

Likewise we find Job praying earnestly whilst in the belly of a large fish ‘I am cast out of thy sight; yet I will look again toward thy holy temple’ Jonah 2:4

In another time and setting, the Nephite King Benjamin had his people gather at the temple, to hear him speak at the coronation of his son. We read that all pitched their tents facing towards the temple. Mosiah 2:6

The temple is the great symbol of our church membership; as we prepare ourselves to be worthy to attend therein, we can best position our lives in accordance with God’s commandments. The temple will become a beacon for us, showing us the way home.

We do not need to yearn for the temple in captivity like Daniel, or be stuck in a large fish with no means of escape as was Jonah, nor do we need to sit outside the temple to listen like the people of King Benjamin. Ours is the privilege to attend the temple as often as our time and circumstances permit, to fully enjoy our membership and the blessings thereof, by receiving all of the essential priesthood ordinances for ourselves, and then for those of our deceased family members.

What does the temple have to do with missionary work?


2 thoughts on “Look To The Temple”

  1. Post painted good images in our minds and exellent examples of how important the temple is in all of our lives Thanks

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