Ward History 2016

Ward History: Priesthood & Auxiliary LEADERs/secretaries

What we need to achieve in 2016.

We have been asked to assemble a “broad spectrum of information and photographs” from all activities that have been/will be held in the ward.

  • Priesthood activities
  • Young Women activities such as camps and fundraisers
  • Relief Society activities
  • Primary activities, including the Children’s Sacrament Programme
  • Service projects
  • Ward socials
  • Temple Trips and more…

…in fact, all of the events that occur during the year in the ward so that we have a comprehensive history, including inspirational stories from our members.


Since Church History Specialists (CHS) can’t be at all events, we rely on ward leaders/secretaries to document, photograph and pass this information on to the Ward Clerk (Charlie) or the CHS (Catherine).  This is best completed as quickly as possible after the event, before detail is forgotten.

We have paper forms that you can complete if you don’t have access to a computer or device, but ideally, if we could have your written report on a Word or Text document and emailed, with your photographs, to the CHS it will speed up the process.

Word & Text document forms will be sent out to Auxiliary Leaders shortly, or paper copies can be collected from the Clerk’s office.

January – August 2016

We’re now at the end of the 8th month of 2016, and we’re playing catch-up. We need to revisit events of the past year to compile the ward history for those missing months. We’d really appreciate if you could put your thinking caps on, and make some notes about the various events that have taken place in your own area of responsibility and pass it on.

Your help in this is needed – and will be gratefully received!

We'd love you to leave a reply!

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