Our 2016 Cook School Class

Friday, 30th September 2016

Well here we are again at the Cook School, almost a year since our last visit. Still as excited to be there as we were first time round. Vanessa our chef recognised and remembered some of us from last time, which was nice. We did have some new faces with us this time.



Chef Vanessa shared a few recipes with us, which we prepared and cooked ourselves. She also demonstrated a deliciously creamy mushroom and pea risotto.


We cooked Sea Bass with a warm sweet potato and chorizo salad which really impressed us as it was so simple and yet so so tasty. We all learned some handy tips with regards to our knife skills and fine chopping.





Next we turned our hand to creating breast of chicken wrapped in parma ham, stuffed with home made basil pesto – which Vanessa also demonstrated for us. We then used her fresh pesto to stuff our chicken breast. This was then cooked with roasted asparagus tips, which were lightly drizzled with olive oil and seasoned, before going into the oven.

Top: Warm sweet potato and chorizo salad.  Bottom: Sea bass in the frying pan, cooking on parchment paper.
Top: Chicken wrapped in Parma ham, stuffed with basil pesto and served with asparagus. Middle: Sea bass with warm sweet potato and chorizo salad. Bottom: Mushroom and pea risotto.

Everyone was delighted with their efforts and if we could have patted our own backs I think we would have.


“We must do this again.  I do know it is expensive, but it is worth it.  We can plan ahead and save up for it. ~ Fiona”

We then got to sit down and relax in the dining room and enjoy the fruits of our labours – delicious food and great company.

While we were enjoying our meal, we also got to wish Ruth a happy 21st birthday! I think we might just have embarrassed her with our rendition of “Happy Birthday” as she was given a huge slice of lemon chocolate cake.


All in all, it was a very successful night with cries of “when can we do this again” as we were getting ready to leave.

~ Nancy ~

2 thoughts on “Our 2016 Cook School Class”

  1. Thanks for this post Nancy, you’ve captured the essence of the night. It’s great to have this to look back on. Roll on the next trip to the Cook School! xx

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