My Journal Journey

My Father’s Journal

I first saw my dad write in his Journal when I was around 12 years old, and I asked him why he wrote in his diary everyday. His answer was, “I don’t want to miss a moment of family events, or of you and your sister Gracie growing up. I cherished every moment of those special memories. As the years pass by, I like to look back at the cherished memories we had together as a family.”


Above and at the top are photos of my dad’s diary, and the year is 1982. I looked in the diary to see what he had been doing on the 16th February – my birthday – and, as expected he had visited me and brought me a gift. He stated in the dairy that he had rushed home from work to change his clothes, so that he could visit with me as early as possible.

“As the years pass by, I like to look back at the cherished  memories we had together as a family.”

It is so wonderful to have my dad’s diaries, that he has personally written each day.  This got me thinking that I should start my own diary, and I was so inspired that I began to write soon after.

I was about 12 years old when this photo was taken. I’m with my dad, and my sister Gracie, who is on the right.

I wrote diaries, made scrapbooks and kept photo albums. When I joined the church, I was 18, and I discovered that, as part of family history we were encouraged to keep a journal. So I certainly had a head start on this, thanks to the inspiration of my dad .

I am with my mum, and my young sister, Gracie in the photo above

Ever since that day I have kept Journaling. I have holiday journals, journals that document our gardens over the past years, journals of family, friends, retirement, special church events, and many more.

Take time each day to add to your journal, for when you look back on your wonderful memories, whether they be sad or full of happiness – joy will come to you. They are part of your own personal history…how wonderful is that.

3 thoughts on “My Journal Journey”

  1. I really wish i had journals to look back on. I do have a couple of treasured letters written to my gran by my grandfather. He died before my mother was born. It would have been wonderful to have a full journal to look back on. You are very blessed to have your journals Frances.

  2. How wonderful to have a treasure such as your dad’s diaries. All of us should learn from your dad’s example. Thank you for posting this – it is an interesting article. 😊 X

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