Reaching Out Through Family History

Street Boards & Flyers

Recently our full-time missionaries used Street Boards and handed out Family History Flyers at the public approach to Rivergate Shopping Mall in Irvine on Saturday, 15 October 2016.

This was in response to our ward Family History initiative which was to raise awareness of the various resources available now to both members and friends of the church to enable them to pull together their family history and learn more about themselves, as they find the names and stories of their ancestors.

With television programmes such as ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, ‘Long Lost Family’ and ‘Heir Hunters’ – many more people are looking for other ways to connect with their past.

Above: Flyers distributed the public

This was the first of a series of outings where our missionaries will help the public become aware of what we as a church can offer them, free of charge to assist them in their quest.

Missionary Report

The missionaries made the following observations and report on their experience:

“The activity was good and it is something that we will probably do once a month, preferably on a Saturday when there is a large throughput of people in and around this area.

The Street Boards attracted a decent amount of attention and we didn’t see anyone throw away their flyers.

The age groups who appeared to be most interested were the 50-70 year olds, but we did see a bit of interest from the 30-50 years old.

Some people thought that we were trying to convert them, but many people stopped and listened and many others took flyers. Hopefully we will see people attending our open Family History Night at the church building each Tuesday at 7.30pm.

We were told by a large number of people that they would come along.

Overall we received more gratitude than we expected and look forward to involving some of the members with their experiences and stories about their family history.”

In addition to the above activity the missionaries are also visiting the homes of members each week, delivering a letter from the bishopric, reminding them of the resources the church has made available, and to encourage attendance on the Tuesday evening Family History support.

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