October Youth Activity

Spooktacular Fun

It was young women’s turn this month to host the joint activity for both Young Women and Young Men. As it is October we thought we could have some spooktacular fun, and that we did!

We decorated the cultural hall plus a few rooms, and had some fun activities for the youth to experience in each room. I believe the Witches room that the Peden family took charge of was all very hush hush and frightfully good. I heard on the grapevine that the Young Men were too scared to enter…


We had pumpkin bowling lined up for the evening but I’m afraid the pumpkin didn’t survive the energy of the youth – but there was plently more fun to be had.
There was the donut-eating challenge which was enjoyed by all, and then it was on to the team challenge of dressing up one of their team mates as a mummy.


This was followed by dooking for apples – and the very messy but fun, bobbing in cream for wiggly worms – with some tangfastic fangs thrown in for good measure.




Lastly they headed into the kitchen where they got very creative decorating ready prepared Oreo cookie balls. (Julie is going to share the recipe for anyone who wishes to try these at home).

The youth loved this activity, even the most energetic of youth gave this their full attention, and got very engrossed in their efforts. Of course they were taking their creations home to share with their families…

3 thoughts on “October Youth Activity”

  1. I am sending this message from the Ghost Office and I hope you bought the doughnuts from the ghostery store. The witches favourite subject at school would be Spelling and the man who poisoned the cornflakes would be a cereal killer.
    I hope you enjoyed your dessert which was almost certainly I scream

    Looks like everyone had fun keep up the ghould work.

    1. Wow looks good, reminds me off some of the parties I attended in my youth, that was many creepy moons ago. all the best Frances

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