Christmas Fundraiser

Saturday, 26th November was the youth fund raiser, oh what fun it is to be a youth leader at this time of year. I honestly think we had more fun than the youth. There was loads going on.

Who knew our young women were such wonderful bakers.


Ok we still needed some help from some of the Relief Society sisters and a couple of brothers too, to help fill up our home baking stall.


We had all sorts of goodies on our craft table too. The young women worked hard for weeks making everything from sock snowmen to hot chocolate reindeer packs.


We also had a second hand Christmas decoration stall which sold out as quickly as all the the home baking


This year we had a henna hand painting table run by Sonia…



and a face painting table by Nicola…


and a nail bar by Hanna.

The young woman had decorated some tables for those wishing to sit and eat all the goodies they’d been buying in comfort and style.

We also had books and dvd’s on sale in the corridor. Name the gingerbread man, won by an investigator. Name the teddy won by Tegan, and last but not least guess the number of jelly beans in the jar was won by Robert Jnr. I’m sure he will share them with his family as I don’t think even he could eat over 800 jelly beans.

Now, if that wasn’t enough the young men had the Cairns family in the kitchen doing hot chocolate and various sweet pies and the Peden family manning the BBQ outside.



All in all it was a great day and just over £620 was raised to help our youth go to their various camps and FSY next year.

We are truly grateful for all those who came along to love and support our youth in the Irvine ward. We are looking forward to organising our next fund raiser and hope to see you all there.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Fundraiser”

  1. Absolutely wonderful well done to you all and for all the hard work you put into it. Well done, great story for Christmas.

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