How to Write Your Life Story

Following on from Scott & Maureen Gibson’s article 99 Words, we thought we would point you in the direction of the FamilySearch initiative – #52 Stories – an invaluable aid in tackling the daunting task of writing your own story.

This initiative comes complete with an exciting set of free downloadable printables – an absolute must – whether your are new to journaling or experienced in journaling.

“This 2017 personal history challenge, called the #52Stories project, is an expanded version of a similar, very successful challenge offered by FamilySearch four years ago,” said Wendy Smedley, FamilySearch project manager for social media. “This year, however, instead of having a list of only 52 questions, the writer can choose his or her 52 questions from a list of 144 questions.”

Start by taking a look at the article by FamilySearch in today’s Meridian Magazine, then follow the links on the article (also shown below) to download the free printables from FamilySearch.


Download Free Printables from FamilySearch


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