Not 100% Sure?

A compelling reason to journal

We were talking to someone about one of our grandchildren, and we were asked the question,  “Have you been to Australia?”

Husband said, “yes, twice”

I thought for a moment, and said, “No, three times”.

Was I 100% sure of that? No. At that busy moment it just ‘felt’ right.

The conversation continued…


Three times


Three times

It was left like that, and for a while, forgotten. Later in the day the subject came up again.


I went to the cabinet, and pulled out three of our photo journals. Australia 2013, Australia 2015, Australia 2016.


Three times.

Don’t rely on the accuracy of your memory!

Journal today. 😊

2 thoughts on “Not 100% Sure?”

  1. I am going to start my photo journal for 2017 to-day a photo with a short explanation can’t get simpler that that its a good idea well done Irvine Ward Journal like it.

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