Bonds of Friendship

February Additional Meeting

On the evening of Thursday, 9th of February we held the final Additional Meeting hosted by the members of the retiring Additional Meeting Committee. As most of you will already know, a whole new committee were called last week. I’m sure they are all eager to get together and start planning their next activity for you.


Bonds of Friendship

Our theme for this month was “Bonds of Friendship” and largely consisted of a getting to know you idea from Ruth. It may seem strange to have a “getting to know you” night for our last activity, but as we have a lot of new sisters in Relief Society – both new members and Young Women who have turned 18 – we thought it would be a good idea to get to know these sisters better.


It was speed-getting-to-know-you, loosely based on the old speed dating idea. Sunday can be a busy day for most of us and we don’t always get a chance to have a good chat with the sisters we do know, let alone getting to know new sisters.


We had some conversation prompts on the tables (if needed) and we had 5-6 minutes with the sister sitting opposite to ask our questions before moving on to the next table and so on until we had visited every table.


As you can imagine, we are a noisy bunch when we get started, and there was no stopping us once we got going. It was interesting to find out different facts about each other, things that we had previously never thought to ask.


Taking turns round all the tables let us sit with sisters who we wouldn’t normally socialise with. Mixing with sisters old and young and enjoying each others company. I for one certainly enjoyed it, but then I’m a blether – though I’m not the only one – as I found out as our night progressed.

Piping hot soup – and more


It was a dry but chilly evening so we had a couple of different soups, piping hot and ready to serve, with crusty bread n butter for our refreshments. Young Hanna turned her hand to making us some creamed cauliflower soup and her gran Fiona made a more traditional lentil soup.


We also had a few “goodies” on the tables too. Everyone got tucked in and straight back to the tables to continue our chatter. It was beginning to get a bit chilly in the cultural hall so after everyone had enough food we all helped to get cleared up quickly and get back to our cosy homes.


Best wishes

We would like to wish the new Additional Meeting Committee all the best in their new venture and look forward to joining them at their future activities.

~ Nancy

4 thoughts on “Bonds of Friendship”

  1. On behalf of Isabel, Margaret,Ann and Norma I.d like to tell you how excited we are as the new additional committee to serve all our sisters. We are looking forward to sharing our meetings with you. LINDA,x

    1. I enjoyed working on the committee for the last 2 years 6 months it was hard work but enjoyable and rewarding. And it was great to get to know the other members of the committee so much better. love you all it was so great to be part of a wonderful team, full of fun and in tune with the spirit of the gospel. I welcome the new team and look forward to relaxing and enjoying any future meetings. love Frances

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