Easter Celebration

Additional Meeting, 13th April, 2017

We started our programme in the chapel with a spiritual feast of Easter hymns, talks on the resurrection and the restoration by our bishop and Relief Society president, and a lovely performance of ‘I Stand All Amazed’ by a group of sisters.

We then proceeded to the cultural hall for fun and refreshments. The walls of the hall were decorated in Easter posters, but the most stunning feature was the decoration of the tables so beautifully done by Sisters Yates and Anderson.

Easter Egg Hunt

Then came an Easter egg hunt. Ten egg-shaped cards were hidden under tables and chairs and the sisters had a great time searching around for them. Clearly proof that, regardless of age, we are all kids at heart.

The eggs were numbered 1-10 and prizes, mostly chocolate eggs, were awarded accordingly. Those who didn’t get a prize were given small chocolate eggs in compensation.

Working Hat Parade

Next came a variation on the Easter bonnet parade. The sisters were invited to bring a ‘working hat’, one that denoted a job, and the more creative the better. We had a mad hatter, a cowboy builder, a couple of sporting hats, a 1940-60 sun hat made of a knotted handkerchief, even a bat- wing hat, but the winner was Sister Diver with her brilliant Spring Cleaner hat.


Finally refreshments were served. The selection of cheeses with crackers and bread went down particularly well as did the fruit salad and veggie platters. The hot cross buns and cupcakes were also enjoyed, but the star was the Happy Easter cake decorated with daffodils.

Thank you

Thanks to all who attended or helped in any way. A good time was had by all but any activity with a lot of chocolate has to be a good one!

3 thoughts on “Easter Celebration”

  1. hi the tables looked great and the food was really good, I enjoyed the hats two in particular were vey funny. best wishes Frances

  2. Now that’s a feast. I wish I had been at it. Marvellous, especially the hearts the Easter bonnets were number one. love it. happy Easter

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