Spring Into Summer

Irvine Ward additional meeting 1st June, 7pm

It was wonderful to see such a good attendance at our Relief Society additional meeting despite the dreadful weather. Our theme was to spring into summer by creating a more balanced life. As women we have so many different demands on our time and energy. If we are not careful we can feel jaded and burned-out. To help us achieve greater balance we focused on two aspects, social and emotional. Other aspects will be dealt with in future meetings.

Social Balance

We divided social balance into activities we do for ourselves e.g. studying the scriptures, further education, hobbies, meeting friends, exercising etc, and secondly activities we do for others e.g. visiting teaching, hospital visits, charity work, serving family, friends and community. Nobody can do it all, nor do we have to, but we can select a few priorities from each area.


Sister Fiona Soden gave a talk on mindfulness practice, a type of meditation which trains the mind to focus on the here and now. Research has shown this technique has many health benefits not the least of which is stress reduction.

Sister Gabriel Turner spoke to us about her adventure in Kenya as an exchange teacher. To our great delight she brought lots of photographs of the places she visited and the people she met. She inspired us with her wonderful experiences and terrified us with some of the dangers which she encountered!

Emotional Balance

It was our privilege to have a very qualified  and able psychotherapist speak to us for the remaining part of our evening in the form of our friend Sister Sheila McKenzie. Her talk on emotional balance was informative, thought provoking and appreciated. Several sisters asked if she could come and talk with us again and this we hope to arrange in the future.


Finally came the refreshments with a good mix of healthy and some indulgent snacks (everyone needs a treat now and then!). Most importantly we took the opportunity to spring into socialising (sorry, couldn’t resist it! ) by having a really good blether. Thanks to all who took part, who attended regardless of the rain, and who helped clear up at the end.






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