Interactive Pioneer Trails Exhibit Opens at Church History Museum | Meridian Magazine

The exhibit illustrates the various means of travel and trails used by Mormon pioneers.

The exhibit illustrates the various means of travel and trails used by Mormon pioneers.

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99 Words

We’re delighted to be able to welcome two well-known guests to the Irvine Ward Journal. Stake Ward History Specialists, Scott and Maureen, have prepared a post for us, which I’m sure you will enjoy.

As Stake Church History Specialists we are to encourage members to keep a journal

“The Prophet Joseph Smith began keeping a personal record a month before he turned 27. His first journal, a small volume that documents November of 1832 through December of 1834 in a little over a hundred pages, is one of the priceless treasures preserved in the Church History Library in Salt Lake City. Continue reading 99 Words

Ward History 2016

Ward History: Priesthood & Auxiliary LEADERs/secretaries

What we need to achieve in 2016.

We have been asked to assemble a “broad spectrum of information and photographs” from all activities that have been/will be held in the ward.

  • Priesthood activities
  • Young Women activities such as camps and fundraisers
  • Relief Society activities
  • Primary activities, including the Children’s Sacrament Programme
  • Service projects
  • Ward socials
  • Temple Trips and more…

…in fact, all of the events that Continue reading Ward History 2016

Why Ward History?

August 2014

Let’s take a step back in time – 2 years to be exact – to the 20th August 2014.

Sisters, do you remember the first Computing Class that we had that month at Cranberry Moss Community Centre?

Without the aid of the photograph above, (even though it’s a back shot!) would you be able to clearly recall who was there, and who took the class?

Here is the blog post Continue reading Why Ward History?