The Garden in 2018

It’s time to plan

The postman will, at this moment, be stuffing seed and plant brochures into thousands of letterboxes throughout the country. When we’re bundled up, bracing ourselves against ice-cold winds and wishing we were indoors, the garden is far from people’s minds. But it shouldn’t be. This is the time to start thinking “what can I do in my garden this year?”

Two brochures arrived on my hall floor this morning, tempting me with 10% off every plant, bulb and packet of seeds featured inside. Even more tempting are the glossy, richly coloured flowers – not a single caterpillar has munched Continue reading The Garden in 2018

Emergency Preparation for a Power Outage During Winter | Meridian Magazine

Since power outages almost always accompany a weather related disaster and terrorism associated with an attack on the power grid is of great concern to

Source: Emergency Preparation for a Power Outage During Winter | Meridian Magazine

Ayrshire Interfaith Forum Event, Hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    So, there I am, at the door to the event and I am thinking, no backpackers who have been living off-grid in a tent near the Arctic Circle…? (My previous blog)   Well no. Bu…

Source: Religion and the Media : Ayrshire Interfaith Forum Event, Hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Tuesday, November 2016. – Interfaith Scotland: our blogs

Home Teaching Responsibilities

Follow up to Irvine Ward Priesthood Quorum Instruction 6 Nov. 2016

(Summary of remarks made by Elder Holland Conference Priesthood Session 2016)

Home Teachers are to be God’s emissaries to His children, to love and care and pray for the people to whom you are assigned.

While working through our schedule to visit Continue reading Home Teaching Responsibilities

Reaching Out Through Family History

Street Boards & Flyers

Recently our full-time missionaries used Street Boards and handed out Family History Flyers at the public approach to Rivergate Shopping Mall in Irvine on Saturday, 15 October 2016.

This was in response to our ward Family History initiative which was to raise awareness of the various resources available now to both members and friends of the church to enable them to pull together their family history and Continue reading Reaching Out Through Family History