Ayrshire Interfaith Forum Event, Hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    So, there I am, at the door to the event and I am thinking, no backpackers who have been living off-grid in a tent near the Arctic Circle…? (My previous blog)   Well no. Bu…

Source: Religion and the Media : Ayrshire Interfaith Forum Event, Hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Tuesday, November 2016. – Interfaith Scotland: our blogs

Reaching Out Through Family History

Street Boards & Flyers

Recently our full-time missionaries used Street Boards and handed out Family History Flyers at the public approach to Rivergate Shopping Mall in Irvine on Saturday, 15 October 2016.

This was in response to our ward Family History initiative which was to raise awareness of the various resources available now to both members and friends of the church to enable them to pull together their family history and Continue reading Reaching Out Through Family History

My Day in The Scottish Parliament

Time for Reflection

It’s not everyday that you receive an invitation to speak in your own nation’s parliament and to get the chance to offer the ‘Time For Reflection’ at the opening of Parliament on a Tuesday afternoon.

Such was my experience on Tuesday 20th Sept 2016.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to represent Continue reading My Day in The Scottish Parliament

Look To The Temple

The story is told of Daniel who, whilst in captivity in Babylon, would pray three times each day; the windows being open and facing towards Jerusalem, (Daniel 6:10) his home, and where was situated the House of The Lord. In all that his new life and surroundings had impacted on him – still he used as his reference point, the Temple, to remind him of who he was.

Likewise we find Job praying earnestly whilst in the belly Continue reading Look To The Temple


By Andy Cargal

Last year, in conjunction with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birth, the Church launched a new Web site—JosephSmith.net. Its purpose is Continue reading JosephSmith.net

New Members, New Traditions

F. Melvin Hammond

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no limit to its capacity. It is a living, growing entity. The Lord welcomes every soul who wishes to repent, pass through the door of baptism and confirmation, and enter His kingdom. Said He, “All those who Continue reading New Members, New Traditions

Plain and Precious Truths Restored

By Clyde J. Williams

A careful examination of the Book of Mormon reveals many significant doctrines not found in the Bible.

It is easy to underestimate the magnitude of the plain and precious truths restored through the Book of Mormon. Remember, what we find in the book came before the Nauvoo period, before the Kirtland period, even before the Church was organized in New York. The doctrines and information we discover in this Continue reading Plain and Precious Truths Restored