Spring Into Summer

Irvine Ward additional meeting 1st June, 7pm

It was wonderful to see such a good attendance at our Relief Society additional meeting despite the dreadful weather. Our theme was to spring into summer by creating a more balanced life. As women we have so many different demands on our time and energy. If we are not Continue reading Spring Into Summer

Bonds of Friendship

February Additional Meeting

On the evening of Thursday, 9th of February we held the final Additional Meeting hosted by the members of the retiring Additional Meeting Committee. As most of you will already know, a whole new committee were called last week. I’m sure they are all eager to get Continue reading Bonds of Friendship

Relief Society Christmas Additional Meeting

The Night The Stars Danced For Joy

On Thursday evening 8th December we held our last additional meeting of the year. Our evening was entitled “The Night the Stars Danced for Joy” and was written by Frances. It was further enhanced by some poetry read by Maxine, Cathy and Nancy. Continue reading Relief Society Christmas Additional Meeting

100 Dresses

October 2016 Additional Meeting Update

The theme for the evening was taken from the  Newbery honour book, written by Eleanor Estes, “The Hundred Dresses“.

The book tells the touching story of a little girl without friends, who wears the same dress to school every day, and is relentlessly ridiculed by her classmates. The child tells her classmates that she has one hundred dresses in her wardrobe at home, but the bullying continues. It later emerges Continue reading 100 Dresses