Grown Up Christmas List

Grown Up Christmas List – Peter Hollens feat. Evynne Hollens #LighttheWorld

Enjoy this timely Christmas video and music – and the message it conveys.

1st December is the WORLDWIDE DAY OF SERVICE! #LighttheWorld — Post hashtag on social media, of serving or being served! 🙂 Serve anyone big or small in your community!


I Was a Stranger

The Savior’s Invitation to Make a Difference

In a world of constant change and commotion, we may often feel like strangers. All around us we hear of distress, tragedy, and hardship. We live in a time of uncertainty and unrest. Many around us live in fear of an unknown future. What can our role as women be in the last days to prepare the earth for the coming of Christ? What can we do to reach out, to love, to nurture, and to minister as He has invited us to do?

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Refugee Crisis

You cannot fail to watch the news these days and not be affected by the plight of families fleeing Syria. The European Commission has stated that the conflict in Syria has “triggered the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since WWII”. With winter fast approaching, the refugee’s situation can only become more desperate.

LDS members are now being encouraged by The First Presidency to assist with the refugee crisis. This weekend a letter from the First Presidency, dated October 27, will be read to members at Sacrament Service.

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